Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the purchase of photo stickers:

  • Images are accepted for Photo Stickers on the strict understanding that they own the copyright of the submitted images and that they have the authority to make such copies.Under no circumstances will we make photostickers of anything that is marked copyright, or if we believe it to be copyright.

  • Once we have made your photostickers from your file, we do not archive your file, so please ensure that you properly store the image if you may wish to use it at some stage in the future.

  • If an order is received and no payment made online or received within five working days, then the order will be automatically deleted along with any images submitted.

  • We will not produce photostickers from files that are considered to be indecent, degrading, obscene or pornographic. Any such images will either be destroyed or passed onto the police, along with your details.

  • Post and packing for Photo Stickers will be charged at £3.00 for the first 25 sheets and then 10p per sheet thereafter. This applies to all orders placed within a 3 hour period, ie all orders within this period are considered to a single order for Post and Packing purposes.


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