Frequently Asked Questions for Photo Stickers

What are Photostickers?

Photostickers are self adhesive  colour labels available in five sizes for use on brochures, leaflets, stationery and many other applications.


Do I need a Negative?

No, we can make your photostickers from any medium be it a digital file, negative, slide or photograph, etc. If we are making your photostickers from any medium other than a jpeg file please add £10 per image for a quality jpeg file to be made.


How do I send you the photograph?

If you have a digital image (.jpg) which is at least 640x480 pixels and landscape or portrait, appropriate to the type of photosticker you want - then follow the simple online instructions to upload the image to us - and you can pay online too for very fast delivery.


Can I have wording on them?

Yes, details and logos etc. can be overprinted on to your photosticker. Please supply the necessary artwork or details. An additional charge will be made for this, unless you have created the jpeg file with the wording and logos etc already incorporated.  Please leave at least 4mm all around the edge of the image for ‘bleed’ during the printing process.


How do I pay for my Photo Stckers?

We accept the following methods of payment, Paypal, Nochex or Fastpay. If you choose to pay online this is done via one of the these providers. We will send you an email with a link so thay payment can be instantly made.


How long do they take?

The normal turnaround is 3 to 4 working days if orders are paid for online


Is there a minimum quantity?

Yes - you must order a minimum of 5 sheets.


Post and packing for Photostickers is on the basis of £3.00 for the first 25 sheets and then 10p per sheet thereafter. This applies to all orders placed within a 3 hour period, ie all orders within this period are considered to be one order for Post and Packing purposes and the charges on all such orders are calculated and shown accordingly.



If you choose to have our site 'Remember your details' for the purpose of reordering Photostickers, then we record the details of Name and Address and email address on the webserver database, purely for the purpose of auto-filling fields on re-orders.


Data protection 

 We do not use data provided for any other purpose other than processing your order.


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